Ice Cream Flavors

We offer many high quality ice-cream flavors to try, come in to see our full selection. Click on a flavor for more details.

Blueberry cheesecake
Cheesecake ice cream with a blueberry ripple and cheesecake pieces.
Cappuccino break
Colombian coffee infused ice cream with chocolate covered toffee and candy coated almonds.
Chocolate ice cream made with African cocoa butter.
Coconut almond bliss
Coconut ice cream with liquid chocolate chips and crispy almonds.
Cookie dough
Cookie flavored ice cream with heaps of no egg chocolate chip cookie dough and liquid chocolate chips.
French vanilla
Pasteurized egg yolks are added to our rich vanilla ice cream to give it a fresh custard taste.
Heaps of love
Anything and everything you can want, Oreo, brownies, no egg cookie dough, caramel ripple, pecans, and chocolate ripple all in vanilla ice cream.
Maple nut
Maple ice cream with fresh walnuts mixed in.
Mint avalanche
A mint lovers paradise! Fresh green mint ice cream loaded with Andes candies and grasshopper cookies, topped off with a chocolate fudge swirl.
Peanut butter cup
Chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter ripple and peanut butter cups.
Praline pecan
Buttery pecan ice cream with a sweet caramel ripple, candy coated pecans and pecans.
Raspberry rhapsody
A black raspberry flavor, raspberry ripple, and dark and white chocolate-covered raspberry cups.
Fresh strawberry ice cream with real whole strawberries.
Strawberry cheesecake
Cheesecake ice cream with a strawberry ripple and cheesecake pieces.
Vanilla ice cream with swirls of thick chocolate fudge, sweet caramel fudge, and lightly roasted and salted pecans.
Ultimate Oreo
Oreo cookie crumb base mixed in ice cream.
Zanzibar chocolate
Rich Zanzibar chocolate that tastes like a fudge brownie!

Vintage Sodas

Pick one up to quench your thirst, or get them by the box to keep at home. Our vintage soda sampler 12-packs are great for entertaining, and they also make a great gift for friends and loved ones.

Smoothie Flavors

These are not your ordinary smoothies, each blend is hand crafted to achieve these unique,balanced and very exceptional profiles. Click on a flavor for more details.

Banana smoothie
No candy banana taste here. This blend is all about true banana with cream notes, vanilla and a hint of just enough honey in the background. Specially created for our Australian customers since its their favorite treat, get a little taste of down under, here in America.
Forbidden fruit
Unique and hard to achieve with the delicate notes of white and pink guava with the perfect amount of passion fruit that finishes with a slight orange aftertaste.
Four berry blend
Red and black raspberry up front, with a hint of strawberry, then the blackberry and blueberry come in to give the blend purple and dark berry notes. The finish is a razzy medium multi-berry.
Mango tropics
Strong, smooth, pungent and vibrant mango from several continents gives the unique deep sticky mango notes. A touch of pineapple helps pop the blend ending with a slight banana background. Our artisan put his global travel and sourcing to full use to achieve this distinctive taste.
Orange tangerine
A burst of tangy oranges and succulent juicy tangerines, yet not overly acidic. The juices, flesh and oils combine into a pretty intense experience that hangs on your tongue.
Peach pear apricot
Savor the intense peach skin and flesh that literally floods your senses before dropping into a pear and apricot tone background finish. Ever had peaches straight from the wooden crate? Try this!
Pineapple paradise
Ripe, deep, intense, and fresh, that is the hallmark of this golden variety pineapple blend. The smoothing notes of creamy coconut and banana in the background wrap it altogether where it's all about pineapple.
Fresh ripe crushed strawberries jump out at you, then linger into a light apple/pear background to achieve the freshest tasting strawberry smoothie in the industry.
Strawberry banana
Fresh strawberry notes with banana moving back and forth that leaves both strawberry and ripe banana aftertastes.