CONE BROTHERS is a 1950s-inspired ice cream shop in the heart of Richfield's Penn Central district, serving more than 20 flavors of premium-quality ice cream, all-fruit smoothies and refreshing vintage sodas.

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Vintage Sodas

Pick one up to quench your thirst, or get them by the box to keep at home. Our vintage soda sampler 12-packs are great for entertaining, and they also make a great gift for friends and loved ones.

100% fruit Dr. Smoothie's

We serve many varieties of Dr. Smoothie. These fruit smoothie purees made with 100% real fruit … no fillers.

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Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

We offer Chocolate Shoppe super-premium ice cream, made from family creamery farms in Southwestern Wisconsin and Northeastern Iowa.

Click on the menu to view all the delicious flavors to satisfy your cravings. We offer 20 flavors including seasonal offering to mix things up.

100% Vienna Beef Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Minneapolis-St. Paul area hot dog lovers don’t have to leave the Twin Cities to enjoy an authentic, Chicago-style hot dog. At Cone Brothers, we serve them every day. We start with premium-quality, Vienna-brand, all beef sausage; nestled in a steamed, poppy-seed bun.Chicago Dog Then we add two fresh tomato wedges, fresh chopped onions, a crisp pickle wedge, two zingy sport peppers (optional), some yellow mustard, and a dash of celery salt.